Entries to join the Grand Council of the Cult Of Jaffa are now officially closed!

A big Jaffa Cakes thank you to all who entered or voted – some of you might be hearing back from us soon. The exciting part of actually picking the Council members now begins. So stay tuned.

For those who aren’t contacted, there will be numerous new exciting opportunities coming along in the not too distant future. So stay frosty!

Look out for more Cult Of Jaffa capers and events-and remember to keep true to the Jaffanista cause!

A new Grand Council is needed to lead the legions of Jaffa followers. These roles are:

1. Grand Master: the top power player in the Cult. He or she sets the tone, drives the pace, leads the Grand Council and is the Cult's ultimate authority

2. Jambassadors: the public face of Cult of Jaffa, the heart and soul of its social and organisational structure out in the real world. They actively and creatively promote Cult of Jaffa to the masses and recruit new members

3. Keepers of the Scrolls: the vitally important curator role as an expert on all things Cult of Jaffa. Often unsung heroes, beavering away and unearthing the stories, history and artefacts behind the Cult's past, present and hopefully, continued future! As the Cult's custodians on the Grand Council, they are fundamental to the understanding and emotional attachment that new Jaffanista members will have with the Cult.

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