Welcome to the official Cult of Jaffa collection.

The fact that you have navigated your way to this site demonstrates that you have the class, style and sophistication expected of a potential Jaffanista.

Here, you'll discover the story of the World's greatest treat and its people; from the inspiration, sweat and tears of Morton Young, through to the present day and how you could play an active part in the survival of the Cult of Jaffa and McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

By navigating around the these pages, you'll find new and previously unpublished material that will move, shock and entertain you, as the history of the Cult of Jaffa is revealed here exclusively for the first time.

You'll learn how:

  • Morton Young (the Duke of Garibaldi) and his legendary baker McVitie created the world's first Jaffa Cake.
  • The Viscount de Louis Cypher and the Duos Crustulum refused to see Biscuits usurped like this and kicked-off the 100 Year Biscuit wars.
  • Over the centuries The Grand Council and their fellow Jaffanistas within the secret organization of the Cult of Jaffa have been providing resistance to the Royal Biscuit families of Europe.
  • Membership to the Cult of Jaffa Grand Council is open to potential new Jaffanista heroes once more (and what you need to do to win yourself a seat on the Council)

As Morton Young himself said all those full and half moons ago, "Ask not what Jaffa Cakes can do for you, but what you can do for Jaffa Cakes..."

If you’re a true Jaffanista, the Cult of Jaffa needs you. To join, register to join the Grand Council and show us why this seat on the Council has your name on it.

Find out more details about the four Grand Council roles available and the remits and responsibilities of the job.

If you’d like to read more about the Cult of Jaffa before applying, feel free to browse around the site whilst exploring the magical world that the visionary Morton Young created. Go on… let your inner orangeyness out.

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